Road Transport

The company specializes in transporting food liquids at a temperature controlled, isobaric, intended for various industrial sectors including the traditional dairy and especially the Bio sector, of soft drinks, juices of fruit and sparkling wines, of high value and quality. In fact we work for leading companies in the Italian and European dairy sector and leading companies in the wine sector worldwide.
The strength of the company is not only represented by experience and passion, but it can also be identified with the availability of state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment, and mostly by an extremely valid and qualified group of employees.

F.lli Ruffo Srl offers its customers a highly professional service, ensuring the highest quality also thanks to:
- Continuous training of all operational and logistic personnel
- Modern vehicles and vehicle turnover
- Punctuality in deliveries
- Care of vehicle cleaning
- Vehicle monitoring service via satellite system
- Internal workshop service and washing according to HACCP regulations

Human resources represent a real strength of F.lli Ruffo Srl.
Personnel training and continuous updating has always been considered one of the fundamental aspects of the company philosophy, from the point of view of offering a service qualitatively superior.
All personnel are trained and followed based on their operational role, through regular recourse to refresher and professional training courses, held inside of of the company itself.
A focus is on safety and punctuality.
Safety, reliability and punctuality are the basis of the satisfaction of all customers rely on this company

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Washing has always been a priority of F.lli Ruffo, not for nothing in the environment we are especially famous for this too.

The washing system has four high-pressure motor pump units with boilers independent that can reach a pressure of 120 bar at a temperature of 85 ° degrees centigrade with 30/40 liters per minute.

Internal cleaning is performed by fully steel rotating heads that ensure one thorough cleaning and above all the safety of not contaminating the inside of the tank, compared to other types of rotating heads that have hydraulic oil inside for operation. The operation of the plant takes place thanks to highly qualified operating personnel and a modern system that allows the monitoring and control of tank washing phases. We eliminate all the most resistant residues, thanks to a further verification that we carry out during the wash.

The whole washing system is designed specifically to adapt to the standards and needs of the our customers. we are also planning to implement the system with an additional system with wash cip, with water recovery to help the environment, trying to use with intelligence the most important resource we have on earth The average times for a wash vary from 20 to 50 minutes depending on the type of product from to wash.

Inside the station we have a latest generation purifier consisting of: flotation, chemical physical and biological with constant control of the outgoing water for safety environmental.

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Vehicle maintenance internal

The company has its own internal workshop for the maintenance of its vehicles to have an even more accurate control of the vehicles, in addition to having scheduled maintenance provided by the manufacturers, with strict deadlines for the utmost security and care of the vehicles. Included in scheduled maintenance is timely roadside assistance to ensure that there is be less dead times, so as to carry out our service to customers always in a way awesome.

In addition to the workshop there is a small tire department, to monitor the pressures and wear of the tires that play an important role in vehicle consumption. In fact we are one of the few companies that we periodically have the alignment of all the means checked and we have a constant check on the wear of all the tires.

We are also in the implementation phase of equipping all vehicles with a TPMS control system with temperature sensor, so as to prevent any malfunction of the various elements e optimize tire pressures for lower fuel and tire consumption.